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Copeland's of New Orleans


are committed to the concept that every dish and meal is true to the culinary traditions and heritage of New Orleans augmented by the gracious hospitality of the Copeland Family.

In all we do, we are inspired to provide each and every guest with a perfect dining experience based on three simple propositions:

  1. We create and serve unique, full-flavored dishes that reflect our New Orleans heritage with food prepared to delight every guest who chooses to dine with us.
  2. Each guest honors us with their patronage and in return they will receive a warm and gracious welcome and expert service with a touch of Lagniappe hospitality.
  3. In all we do, we strive to provide the ultimate value as we know that through this value our guest will return often to dine with us.

Copeland's of New Orleans is more than a restaurant - it is the family's promise to provide you with the finest dining experience on every visit.

Cheesecake Bistro by  Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro by Copeland's
We're more than just Cheesecake! Eating should be fun, exciting and simple! Cheesecake Bistro by Copeland's noted as an innovative and exciting dining concept, includes an extensive menu of signature dishes with influences from a number of regions around the world. Complimenting the tantalizing entrees are delectable appetizers and the restaurant's wide variety of specialty signature cheesecakes.

Cheesecake Bistro by Copeland's has the boundless menu, caring staff and fun ambiance intended to excite every one of your senses as you enjoy a truly casual meal with friends and family.

Copeland’s MKT Copeland’s MKT
Copeland’s Market Kitchen Table is the younger sister of Copeland’s… a blend of the traditions of Cajun heritage and a liberating spirit. This new generation says NO to long drawn out table service and HELLO to a new world… a world of quality, value and convenience. At inception, the desire to free our guests of a four wall commitment introduced a world of endless possibilities. A place where our guests can conveniently have the same great taste they love at any event, occasion, or at home dinner. At the dinner table, conference table, or make shift table in the car, a meal should be a delicious conversation piece. Copeland’s Market Kitchen Table provides the same superb quality whether it’s at your table, our table, or any of life’s tables that come your way. At the heart, a deep-rooted history of unmistakable flavors, family secrets, and some innovative new twists. Copeland’s is proud to serve our guests with flavors that satisfy the soul.

Batch 13 Biscuits and Bowls Batch 13 Biscuits and Bowls
Batch 13 Biscuits and Bowls is more than a fast casual restaurant… This concept accentuates our love for the hot, fresh, steamy biscuit. We are loyal to providing feel-good moments to our neighbors. We revitalized our love of perfecting the flavors of each bite. The perfect layering of flavors, textures and bold vibrant colors blend the perfect meal escape. We pride ourselves on hand-prepared meals with distinctly unique ingredients. Whether they’re looking for something on the lighter side or prefer to indulge in the day, “we’ve got our neighbors’ batch” with biscuits, bonuts & bowls. All can be delivered to them: breakfast, lunch, dinner or catered. Our guests who are looking for a quick, budget-friendly meal can break away from life's routine and escape to our light yet lively locale with upbeat music, a feel-good patio and a batch of positive people waiting to greet them.