Core Values

Al Copeland Investments, Restaurant Division

The Mission of our company is inspired by our founder
Al Copeland and his legacy lives strong

Serious Personal Commitment - We work with confidence, resilience and unwavering perseverance. We are willing to put the business needs of the company ahead of our personal agenda to achieve our objectives.

Pride in our People - We value our internal and external guest. Our philosophy is to attract, retain and empower our talent. Trust matters. There should be reciprocity in how we develop and support our people and the way our people grow and develop our business.

Integrity - We practice the highest standards of doing the right thing and doing things right. In all we do, we are committed to honoring fairness, honesty and trust in our relationships.

Passion for Food - We value the full-flavored heritage of New Orleans cuisines.

Generosity - Proud to serve, we derive satisfaction from giving and pleasing others. We are gracious, even-tempered, respectful, and professional.

Continuous Learning - When it comes to learning, we recognize that we will never reach the "finish line." We will always be striving for new accomplishments and significant growth - therein lies our strength.

Winning Orientation - We live Big Al's slogan: "To the Win." We embody the promise to win, even before we start. Measurable results matter. We celebrate when we win and accept personal accountability when we don't.