Al Copeland Investments, Restaurant Division

The Mission of our company is inspired by our founder
Al Copeland and his legacy lives strong

Al Copeland Investments, Inc., a privately owned, multifaceted management company:

Al Copeland

Al Copeland

"Recipe for success, a passion to be the best" - Al Copeland

Al Copeland Jr

Al Copeland, Jr. - Chairman of the Board

Al Copeland Jr. serves as the CEO and Chairman of Al Copeland Investments (ACI), a privately owned, multi-faceted management company. His chief responsibilities include managing and overseeing the ACI restaurant group, the Copeland's hotel division, Improv Comedy Clubs and Diversified Food & Seasoning manufacturing plants in addition to other entities.

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Prior to this, Mr. Copeland served as Senior Executive Vice President of Copeland's Restaurants, where he provided leadership and direction for the marketing, operations and purchasing and research aspects of the fully-franchised restaurant division. He began his career as an Assistant Manager of Popeyes Chicken, a company his father founded in 1972.

In addition, Mr. Copeland is executor to the Copeland family estate and Chairman of the Board for Al Copeland Foundation, which was founded after his father Al Sr.'s life was cut short by a rare and aggressive form of cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma. The foundation helps fund research to find a cure for Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC), a deadly cancer that strikes only three people per 100,000 each year in the United States. Al's hobbies and interests include boat racing, racquetball, general fitness training and sports cars and racing.

Bryan White

Bryan M. White - Chief Administrative Officer

Born New Orleans, Louisiana. Education: Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering & Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University. Worked as commercial litigator with retired United States Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana in private practice prior to becoming corporate counsel for the Popeyes & Church's chains from 1990-1992. Served as Vice-President & General Counsel of Al Copeland Investments from 1992-2003 and as Chief Administrative Officer from 2003-present.

William Marvin

William Marvin - Chief Procurement & Management Officer

In August 2008, William Marvin was named Chief Purchasing Officer for Al Copeland Investments. Will has over 15 years of purchasing experience, having worked for companies such as PepsiCo, Inc., Mars, Inc., The Schwan Food Company, AFC Enterprises, Inc., Avado Brands, Inc. and Dagwood's Sandwich Shoppe, LLC.

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In his current role, he develops and disseminates the organization's supply chain strategies and objectives. He is responsible for risk management, distribution and inventory management. He oversees and monitors all activities involved in the procurement of commodity raw materials for 3 manufacturing facilities in Louisiana, Nebraska and Alabama. In March 2010, Will was promoted to Chief Procurement and Management Officer.

Will is a proven senior executive having managed budgets over $200,000,000 in material for AFC Enterprises, owner of Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits and prior owner of Church's Chicken, Cinnabon and Seattle's Best Coffee. As Vice President of Purchasing for Avado Brands, owners of Hops and Don Pablo's restaurants, he was responsible for all purchasing and supply chain activity for both brands.

Additionally, Will grew up in a military family and lived in numerous locations, including West Germany. He spent five years in the U.S. Army as an Ordnance Officer after being commissioned in the Clemson University Army ROTC program.

Will holds a BS, in Financial Management from Clemson University and a MS, in Administration from Central Michigan University. He is a member of the National Black MBA Association, the American Purchasing Society and Global Register's Who's Who of America in Executive and Professionals. As an industry leader, Will has addressed organizations across the country in supply chain management and in 2011 was the featured speaker at the Chief Supply Chain Officer Summit.

Will and his wife Sherry have two kids, William and Nicole. He enjoys playing golf and most all outside sports.

Allison Copeland

Allison Copeland - Vice President, Restaurant Division

Allison Copeland serves as the Vice President of the Restaurant Division of Al Copeland Investments (ACI), a privately owned, multi-faceted management company. Her principal responsibilities include providing leadership and direction for the operations, training, human resources, marketing, purchasing and research aspects of the corporate and fully-franchised restaurant division.

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Ms. Copeland is a 2006 graduate of the University of New Orleans with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has been working in different divisions of ACI since1999, beginning working as a cashier for a previously owned ACI restaurant. She worked in the dining room of the restaurants until she worked her path to management, at the Best Western Landmark Hotel, part of Al Copeland Investments Hotel Division, in 2005. When Hurricane Katrina brought devastation to New Orleans in 2005, Allison made the decision to support the restaurant side of the family business. She started out supporting recruiting and human resource efforts. In 2009, Allison was promoted to Human Resources Director. She then took over the ACI restaurant division-training department in 2011 and corporate responsibilities in 2014.

In 2015, Allison was promoted to the Vice President of the Al Copeland Investment Restaurant Division.